Meditation for Beginners. You can learn to meditate.

Meditation for Beginners. You can meditate. It is not difficult.  If you can  do Internet searches or use a telephone, you can learn to meditate.  This web site teachs you how.

If you already practice a form meditation and want to learn another, this site offers clear instructions about many different forms.

Besides clear instructions you will find practical tips to help with each type of meditation.  And all the information on this site  is free.

I know there are many web sites about Meditation. Many of them  are trying to SELL you something: their ebook, their course, their  set of CDs.

With Meditation for Beginners I am not trying to sell you anything! Instead I provide information. You will find information and clear instructions  for each of the eight major forms of meditation.  In addition you can read about the effects of meditation: in learning,  in health, in psychological and spiritual growth. And for those who come to their practice from a religious standpoint, there are  pages about how the different forms are used/practiced in different religious traditions.

Throughout this site you will find directions for your practice  AND suggestions and tips for dealing issues that could arise during your practice  - such as getting distracted or falling asleep.

If you are new to meditation, I suggest that you read the page about ENDING  MEDITATION that is on the left navigation bar BEFORE  you try any of the individual forms.  Why?  It is  very important to know the correct ways to end a mediation!  After reading that  page, you will understand why this is so important.

I want to offer you encouragement.  Meditation can change you life for the better.  Do start now by reading one of the forms of meditation listed on the left hand navigation bar.

See: Terms and Conditions of Use for Meditation for Beginners And there is a page about Privacy as well as  financial disclosure page.  I include these because I want you to know that I respect your privacy and I want you to understand how ads and the affiliate programs  make it possible for me to continue this work.

Meditation tips Things to help your practice so it is easier, stronger, better
Meditation tips Suggestions to make your session work better
Meditation timer Effective, inexpensive ways for timing your meditation
Meditation timer What to use, where to buy good timers